About Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson started creating signature sounds for some of the largest names in the music industry, and working on some of the biggest industry changing Albums as “Under Lock n Key” (Dokken) “Invasion of your Privacy” (Ratt) “Eat Em and Smile” (David Lee Roth )and “No Rest for the Wicked” (Ozzie Osbourne) to name a few.
Born and grew up in Southern California, Lee had been surrounded by music as he was growing up, his parents owned a record store like the one in Hairspray, were they played classic songs of the 50′-60’s.
Lee’s two older sisters introduced him to the sounds of the sixties. Lee’s father was into electronics , he had a local repair shop , repairing anything from T.V`s to Stereos , so when Lee got his first Tesco Del Rey Amplifier it wasn’t long before he was disassembling it to see how it worked and to get more Power!
Lee started playing in bands at sixteen , playing at the various venues in Southern California , Started Touring at 18, right out of High School. Recorded several Albums under different band names (Atom, Lace and the Ravers). Lee has owned his own companies as Metaltronix, Perfect Connection and Lee Jackson Designs and has worked and designed for such companies as BC Rich Guitars, Paul Rivera, Pignose, Oberhiem , Fender, Crate and Ampeg.
Creating some of the industry standards in Sound.

Lee Jackson-Troubadour-In Concert

1983 – Current

Started Metaltronix after leaving Fender, Modified 1000’s of Marshall’s and Fender’s from all over the world, for every major artist you can name of. Created the M-1000 line of All Tube Amplifiers and Cabinets, Created the Blues59 All Tube Amplifiers and Cabinets. Started the Perfect Connection line of All Tube Preamps and Power Amps, which included the famous GP-1000 and the SP-1000.

Perfect Connection™

1985 -1992

Started the Perfect Connection line of All Tube Preamps and Power Amps, which included the famous GP-1000, BP-1000 and the SP-1000.
The first Perfect Connection product was the Active Splitter.
Metaltronix was going strong modifying amps and we needed a production model of our equipment.
The First GP-1000 preamp was modeled after our Fender Mod’s, Because of overwhelming requests we created a second version.
The second version of the GP-1000 was modeled after our famous marshall mod. Then we created the SP-1000. it was the first solidstate power amp that boasted having 10 – 20% distortion, back then most power amps had .002% so our power amp Rocked!

Working for Ampeg / Crate

1992 – 1995

Designed the VL Series of Tube amplifiers for Ampeg, including the VL-501, VL-1001, VL-502, VL-1002 and VL-503 and Cabinets.
Designed the Stealth Series for the Crate line including the GT-50C, GT-50H and the GT-100H and Cabinets.
Changed the Ampeg logo back to original vintage one, and designated the “A” logo for the Bass line of amps.

Working for Fender

1980 – 1983

I was working at Oberheim and Paul Rivera asked me if I would come work at Fender, I jumped at the chance.
Worked with Paul Rivera in R&D on Tube Amplifiers.
Models include: Deluxe Reverb II, Concert II, Twin Reverb II, London Reverb, Super Champ, and few others I can not remember.
Check out Fenders Book 60 Years, there are 12 pages about me working there.

Working for Pignose

1979 1980

Was hired to over see production of amplifiers.
Worked with Paul Rivera, was a Technician assembling amplifiers.

1977 1979
Working for BcRich

I was one of the first Metal Guitar player endorsers, I was the first to do a professional recording with the Bitch Guitar on the “Punk Rock Christmas” album.
Put the electronics in the guitars, worked with Bernie Rico and Neil Moser, Worked with Neil and Designed the Bitch Double Neck guitar and the Bitch Bass.Also was on the BC Rich Drag Boat team with Bernie on the boat “RichBitch”.
There is a new BCRich book coming out by Matt Touchard, He is writing a chapter about me and my contribution to BcRich.


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