We get asked every week if Lee still does personal amplifier Modifications and the answer is yes.
Lee will custom modify your Marshall or Fender amplifier, just like he does for the famous artists that have our modified amps.
Contact us asking about your amp, and he will get back to you on the possibilities , costs and Lee’s schedule.

It generally takes less than a month from when we receive the amp.

If you want you amp to be modified just like Lee has done for Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Akira Takasaki, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert etc.
Just ask and Lee will personally do one for you.

Lee only modifies older Marshalls and Fenders.

He doesn’t mod newer channel switching models.

We also do mods and repairs to our GP-1000 pre amps.

And we do repairs on all of our amp models including the Lee Jackson series, Metaltronix and Ampeg VL-series.

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