AtomSmasher Pedal


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The Atom Smasher Pedal was designed with the idea of being everything an old classic Octave divider was during the Jimi Hendrix/Jeff Beck era.
Because I wanted a pedal that did both the Jimi Hendrix style Octave divider and the Jeff Beck Octave divider sound, it was a challenge to get both sounds in one pedal because both Guitarists used different pedals with completely different circuits.
Between the Push, Wave and Tone, This pedal can give you the tools to create your own signature effect. Plus adding features that allow those who want to go outside the box!.
The Push controls the amount of internal gain, which causes the circuit to distort, between how high you have this control and the level of your guitar. You can dial in the amount of distortion and Octave Divider sound you want, and when you want it to come on.
The Master controls the overall volume of the pedal.
The Tone Switch allows you to tailor the Tone of your Distortion and Octave Divider. It puts a preset tone on the wave,
This switch completely changes both the distortion and octave sounds from thick mid’s to completely scooped out with no mid’s, more Bass and Hi-end.The Wave switch is a new idea of mine; Jimi’s original circuit was half wave, so I thought I would make the pedal also give you what Jeff’s pedals were doing, which have a Wider range, and overall would give you more possibilities.

Different Styles of Octave Dividing.
Select-able Tone and Frequency shifting.
True Bypass Switching.
!00 % Analog Design

Power: (1) 9 volt battery or 9 -15 volt power supply 2.1 mm center tip ground.