BIG 1 by Lee Jackson


BIG 1 Preamp / Gain Booster

The B1G 1 Gain Booster adds a clean boost to your tone via a massive 30+ db of pure studio quality gain.
Besides its intended use for electric guitar, the B1G 1’s fat analog sound is equally
amazing when used with acoustic guitars, bass, and keyboards.
Guitarist Eric Johnson is currently using the B1G 1 Gain Booster on tour.

Designed by electronic guru Lee Jackson, the B1G 1 Gain Booster was engineered to be a high fidelity, studio quality gain boost without adding or detracting anything from the original signal. It is in effect, an analog pre-amp on par with vintage and modern recording studio channel strips with some extra added “love”.
Highest quality analog gain boost with advanced circuitry not found in any commercial gain booster effect pedal. Only the finest audio components were used in the building and design of this effect.

Rigid Construction.

The B1G 1 is made of 14 gauge cold rolled steel. It is virtually built like a tank.

The unit can be powered by a nine volt battery or a 2.1 mm nine volt external power source (100ma minimum).

Dim: 3 1/4″ W x 5 1/2″ L x 2 1/2″ T