Direct Injector DI-500s 500 Series


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Direct Injector DI-500S

Directly Inject your favorite Floor or Rack effect into your Mix, or Re- amp your favorite guitar or bass track. The Direct Injector™ is a Studio Quality Effects loop, with Individual Send and Return controls, for tweaking the perfect level for any floor or rack effect.
The Direct Injector™ can be used for re amping your instrument tracks. Adding or Subtracting Gain/Level from your tracks.
Make the Nastiest Floor Effect , sound like a Studio Effect in your mix.
Send Level: Sets the level of the Send.
Send Output/ Re-Amp: Output can be used to drive the input of your effect, or can be used for re-amping your favorite amplifier, go directly from the Send output to any amplifier Input.
You can even put effects between the Send output and the Input of your amplifier.
Return Output/DI Input: Plug the output of your Floor or Rack effect, and can be used as a Instrument DI Input, plug your instrument in and use the Return Level control to set your level.
Return Level: Sets the level of the Send.
Send and Return jacks are normalize, inserting cable breaks connection. This is great if you need to add clean gain to the signal chain.
Start with both Send and Return Controls at 12:00 position and add level to taste.
If you want to add grit to your sound, drive the Send Level higher and the Return level lower.

Easy access entry points for Floor Effects and Re-Amping
High Quality +4 Balanced Inputs and Outputs.
Send and Return Level Controls
Studio Quality Burr Brown Opamps.
Dual +/- 15 volt Supply for Extended Headroom.

Requirements: Current Draw 75ma

API Console, API Lunchbox 500 format Rack Box.
Fits in most API style rack boxes and consoles.
ie: A Designs, Empirical Labs, Radial Engineering.
Attention! Our 500 Series DO Not work in BAE racks
The BAE rack can be modified to work.