Fuzzyfinger II Pedal


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FuzzyFinger II™

All the greatness of the original FuzzyFinger™ Plus More!
Remember the days when you got a pedal, that when you plugged it in it made you want to play for hours…
Meet FuzzyFinger II™
The first thing I thought when I plugged into FuzzyFinger II™ was, man it is fun to play guitar.
For years I have been working on a design to allow you to have your favorite “Classic” Fuzz Sound and with more features then a standard Fuzz pedal.
FuzzyFinger II™can Clean up to a Sparkling Clean Sound by turning the volume of your guitar down. FuzzyFinger II™ will enhance your great Rhythm sound without dropping out all your Low End. Get ready for Chocolately Luscious Solo’s, and Endless Possibilities. Oh Yeah and for the Good part.
FuzzyFinger II™ is completely discrete Germanium Transistors, with True Bypass. And, what are those little switches next to the Knobs? They set the Tone on the input or Pre Fuzz, or Post after Fuzz. And the Touch control, sets the sensitivity with your playing style. This allows you to tweak your sound for what ever Guitar or Playing style. FuzzyFinger II™ is Hand Made with the Finest components.
And now with the newest feature “Fried” which gives you that great FRIED! Sound with a push of a button.

Smooth and Rich Sounding Germanium Fuzz.
New! Added “Fried” Foot Switch, for that great FRIED Sound.
Post-EQ and Pre-EQ switches.
True Bypass Switching.
Sounds Great on Guitar and Bass.

Power: (1) 9 volt battery or 9 -15 volt power supply 2.1 mm center tip ground.

FuzzyFinger Demo