Metaltronix M-2000 head
Metaltronix M-2000 head


$? Version 2 will be out soon, when we finish the run, we will have costing.

Send us an email, and we will get back to you on payment options and delivery times.

Each of these amps are hand built by Lee Jackson.

We are just finishing M-2000 v2

We are doing a short run of 10 heads in custom colors.

M-2000 100 Watt Head

I wanted to take all the greatness of the original M-1000 and bring it to the next level. Adding all the features and designs that I have created over the last 30 years.

A new Pre amp design that is bigger sounding, and quiet for the amount of building leveling gain. I also included my latest designed tube effects loop, with individual Send and Return level controls. This will allow you to match any effect from a floor effect pedal, to a high end studio rack effect.


One of the many new features is the M-2000, two complete channels with individual Pre amp – Master – treble – Middle – Bass and presence controls. Which will allow you to set the amp to have two completely different sounds.

Power Control

And last but not least, a brand new control never seen on any of my other amps. The Power Control, this control allows you total control of your favorite sound from a concert volume to a bedroom whisper. keeping the integrity of your sound.

Metaltronix M-2000 head
M2000-Backplate off-1000

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•.  100 watts All Tube Matched EL-34’s.

•.  Hand wound transformers to Lee’s vintage specifications

•.  Two channels that include: Preamp – Master – Treble – Middle – Bass and  Presence. (Foot Switch included)

•.  Power Control: dial up to Full Power and dial down to a whisper.

•.  Tube Effects Loop: with individual Send and Return controls.

•.  Amp is made out of Aircraft aluminum including the head box.

•.  Lighted Metaltronix logo and Fan cooled.

•.  All amps can be set internationally for 100v – 120v – 220v – 240v.

•.  Foot Switch include.

•.  Dimension: 26″ x 12″ x 10″

•.  Weight: 48 lbs