TEQ-500s TubeEQ 500 Series


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Tube EQ TEQ500S

We were put up to the Challenge to pack this much Happiness into a small 500 series module.
The Tube Eq is one of the Warmest, Musical Eq’s on the market. Because it is Tube.

Hi Quality Balanced in and outs, Studio Quality Burr-Brown Op-amps and Dual +/- Supplies, which give you the added Headroom needed in your Studio or Live applications.

These are used by many of the Top Recording and Voice Over Studios in world.
Make your Vocals jump out of the mix, along with great Guitar and Bass tracks.

Extremely Warm Sounding EQ.
High Quality +4 Balanced Inputs and Outputs.
Studio Quality Burr Brown Opamps.
Vintage NOS Tubes.
TrueBypass – So it can be used on Channels and Busses.
Dual +/- 15 volt Supply for Extended Headroom.

Requirements: Current Draw 500ma

API Console, API Lunchbox 500 format Rack Box.
Fits in most API style rack boxes and consoles.
ie: A Designs, Empirical Labs, Radial Engineering.
Attention! Our 500 Series DO Not work in BAE racks
The BAE rack can be modified to work.