What a great reverb! Love how that little pre-delay preserves your note attack, and the tails have a cool 50’s quality. Sounds excellent with lots of distortion too, which not all ‘verbs do. I think you nailed it, and I really appreciate getting a chance to play with Mr. Springgy. We’ll get it in mag asap

Art Thompson -GuitarPlayer Mag


I received the pedal Saturday and wanted to reserve comment until I had a minimum of 10 hours of playtime to make a fair judgement.
Before I tell you my thoughts, I should tell you that I have now owned a Boss RV-5, Electro Harmonix Holy Grail, Holy Grail Plus and a T-Rex Room Mate before taking a chance on Mr. Springgy.

I think the only thing I can say, which sums up my opinion of this pedal is HOLY SHIT (and you can quote that). I usually don’t reveiw a product like this via email,
Simply amazing reverb with and without gain and on all of my amps. I originally bought this to augment the lack of reverb in my Mesa Boogie Stiletto but have since attached it to my pedal board to use with all of my amps while turning the internal reverb off. It’s that good.

Thanks for such a great product!

Jerry (MA)

Hi Lee

I Just wanted to let u know I received my Mr.Spriggy pedal . Its the business , just what i was hoping for. Thank you !

All the best


I am using the pedal in my studio, It really sounds good.

J. Hayes (Mo)

Hi Lee, Got the pedal today! WOW!!! That is hands down the finest sounding reverb I’ve ever heard. Your’s does the Fender Tank perfectly. I couldn’t be happier with Mr. Springgy! Thanks again for the super fast turnaround on the order.

Jim (WA)

Awsome reverb. Arrived in 2 days.. Lee Jackson your the man A+++

Douglas (PA)

I received the nice and great pedal!! So GREAT!!!!!!!


Cool product, excellent service, responsive seller. Thanks!

Jeffrey (TX)

Simply a great product,as advertised with speedy delivery! I am very satisfied!!


The best reverb in a pedal out there!!

Marius (Norway)

Pedal is amazing. Thanks!!!!!!

Matthew (Australia)

Great product!!! AAA+++

Derrick (OH)

Great product,promp shipping!!Thanks!!

Chris (NE)

Amazing pedal for surf rock.

Andrew (IL)

I just wanted to say my purchase of your verb was a good thing…
dead quiet…..and to my ears, tho not calibrated ears, great
sounding Fender verb…..use it with my Holland 3×10 and
a 71 Princeton (no verb) modded to Blackface specs and
equipped with a 12″ speak……very satisfied, this is a keeper…..
Thanks folks,,,

Steven (OR)

I received my Mr Springy the other day and it is AWESOME!


Love my mr. springgy! great product, fast to ship, very cool.

Thomas (MI)

Mr Springgy arrived yesterday. This is definitely the BEST reverb pedal
I have ever used. I love it. The delivery was extremely quick. It was
delivered to my home in Brisbane.

Peter (Australia)

Serieux , expédition rapide , excellent , Thank you

OLIVIER (France)

Excellent pedal, very good communication.

Falk (UK)

Mr Springy is excellent. Shipped quick, all was perfect – would buy again A+++

Neil (CA)

Super fast shipping, awesome pedal!! Plan on buying another one soon!

Paul (NH)

OUTSTANDING. The most realistic, best spring reverb pedal on the market.

Dylan (PA)

A great product and prompt delivery….AAA+++

Ivan (Australia)

Awesome Reverb Pedal!!

Darryl (PA)


The best reverb in a pedal I have ever try,I use Mr. Springgy with Fender stratocaster with Fender tweed pro junior and vintage Fender vibro champ.

Slovenia (Europe)

Fast Shipping, Sounds like Real Spring Reverb!!!

Michael (NV)

Wow!!, This pedal is great. I’m thinking of buying a 2nd one just in case

Tom (CA)

Super fast shipping, amazing pedal. Thanks!

Joel (CA)

I’ve rediscovered reverb! One of the best pedal investments I’ve made!

Robert (OH)

Quick Shipment to Europe – Great Warm Sounding Reverb !!!
Heinz (Austria)

Fastest shipping ever! Great pedal! VERY SATISFIED!!!! An excellent transaction!

Randy (MO)

hello!! thank you so much!!! a beautiful reverb!! have a nice day!!
sébastien from france!

As described with fast/secure shipping. A fantastic pedal!

Michael (WA)

Great sounds from this pedal! Thanks!

framedivision (Germany)

Absolutely Spectacular

Scott (CA)

Amazing Pedal Super Fast Shipping to Australia highly recommended

Michael (Australia)

Hi Lee,
I got the pedal as promised on Saturday & spent all day Sunday playing it. Thanks so much for the prompt service and the deadly pedal. I can’t tell the difference between the pedal and the tank on my ’69 princeton reverb. Fantastic product! Thanks again!
Ahmed (TX)

Hi Lee ,
Good news : the 2 x Mr springgy arrived this morning ,
Thanks a lot for allllll! Tha pack was perfect .
So —> sound testing now : I played it in a HOOK Captain34 head , and then in a little Crate VTX200s combo to see how do the pedal react in a tube amp or transistor one…. GREAAATTT sounds , that’s just what i feel while playing it!! This stompbox is very transparent!! To see that , just plug the pedal , and the guitar/amp identity is still the same , no changes !! And that’s a great choice I’ve made buying this pedal , i have been playing since 15 years , and this one is just the best reverb-pedal I used (and i have had a lot). My friend use a matchless chieftain combo whitch have a good reverb unit too , well , your pedal is as good as the one in it! He is very happy too! thanks again Vincent from reunion island (France)

This is the best reverb pedal, great addition to my 59′. Super fast shipping.

Heather (WA)

Freaking bad ass pedal. I LOVE IT! good by Holy Grail…I love only battery pedal

Richard (MA)


I Got the pedal today and all I can say is WOW! It Sounds utterly fantastic and I love how simple it is to use. I’ve had several good pedals like the T-Rex Room mate and this thing just sounds more real and amp like. I love it.

Thanks for your help and wonderful Stuff

Jim M. (WV)

A+++++ Amazing Reverb Pedal. Thanks.

Daniel LeVan (MI)

Mr. Springy…A Dream come true! Do not hesitate buy this pedal from this guy!!!

Arman (Canada)


Got my Mr Springgy a couple of days back. It is great, just like a fender reverb tank has been grafted onto my amp (a 1958 Tweed Deluxe).
This is one of my all time favourite pedals. I’ve also tried it with my Custom Vibrolux Reverb, and I prefer the reverb with your pedal to that in the amp.

Keep up the good work,

Simon (UK)


What can I say! Mr. Springgy arrived today & WOW!!! Your service & product have both exceeded my expectations! You not only shipped on time, but it arrived a day before you told me it would! I work in customer service & that’s the way to make a customer happy! As soon as I plugged Mr. Springgy in front of my Dr. Z Carmen Ghia I was floored. This unit does everything you claim & satisfied my need for a touch of ambience. I will be sure to spread the word about this great product & your excellent service!

Thanks again,
George (DE)

Fast shipping. Awesome pedal!!!

Omar (NY)

Great pedal, well packed, great communication! The best of the best. Thanks!

Stephen (NJ)

Great Product, Highly Recommended

Bradley (Australia)

Best reverb pedal EVER!, Lee you the man,superfast shipping too,THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Captures that spring reverb sound in a pedal. Awesome

Sanchez (CA)


Thanks; this unit gives me the Vibrolux reverb in my Bassman

I never get overly excited about any particular piece of gear but this one
is the exception. It’s dead on old school Fender. It simply does not even
come close to any of the others if I have tried Holy Grail, Danelectro
Spring King and certainly not any of the digital devices I have used. Its
dripping wet and also very nice subtle. Nice big chicken knob so I can grab
it quickly on the fly. Pure Fender style reverb bliss….I don’t know if I
can say it but HOLY S$%IT!!

Jeff (AK)

I really love the “verb” from this pedal – simple, easy and great sound!


I got the pedal today.
Thank you so much!
I love it. Fantastic job making this pedal!


This pedal sounds like Antones on Guadalupe, used to hang there.. Sounds like one of those twin amps down there.. Really great.. Didnt think it was possible in a pedal.. Good work on this..
Thanks Again..


I received the Mr Springgy today and it is spot on for the blackface reverb I have always wished for on my non rev models.I was stunned when heard it! Thanks so much for building this thing and offering it at a reasonable price…I will spread the good word!


I just obtained one of Lee Jackson’s newly released Me. Springgy pedals and all I can say is HOLY @#$%^&! It’s true Leo Fender spring reverb in a box. I compared it using my vintage Marshall JT-45 plexi to both my black face ’65 Super Reverb and ’66 Deluxe Reverb’s and I could not tell the difference between Mr. Springgy and the real thing. The dwell is the same and the tonal character of the sound is identical. The box only has one control which is a mix knob and that is all you need to add perfect 1960’s vintage Fender spring reverb to your plexi Marshall or any other great amp that is manufactured sans reverb. It’s been years and years since there has been a true “must have” pedal that every guitar player needs on their pedal board and this is it! Long Live Mr. Springgy!!!!


I just receive Mr Springgy today, the reverb is simply a real Fender sound like I want, congratulation, my Spitfire Machless seam to sound much better with !!!
Thanks for your work and your professionality


JC (France)

Lee: Man, you nailed it! I’ll tell you, it has been somewhat of a search to find a nice, simple reverb pedal that you could put in front of an amp that actually sounded decent. I have been through some here on my search & The Mr. Springgy does EXACTLY what it should. Add a NICE, USABLE reverb & not kill your tone or alter it in an adverse way. Gosh, Springgy sounds GREAT! I could not be happier with the pedal. Nice & simple (gotta love 1 knob!) & sounds like a good classic reverb should. Sounds nice with a clean amp OR an overdriven amp too! This pedal is so cool!

Tony (IL)

Mr Jackson,

For years I have wanted a reverb pedal like Mr. Springgy. No BS,
room/hall/plate/canyon/batcave settings-just one knob reverb, and now I have it. Since my Carvin amp’s reverb is perfectly fine I use my Mr S. thru my Shure mic for vocals. Now I am in full control of my vocal reverb. I also use it for bass and acoustic guitar.

Thanks for a great product.

Andy, reverb fanatic

Excellent Reverb Pedal. Easy transaction. Fast Shipping. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raj (India)

Amazing reverb pedal, the fastest delivery to the UK. Fantastic!!!

Simon T (UK)

Pedal sounds AWESOME!! Thanks!

Marcos (Brazil)

Fantastic reverb makes my old valve amp sparkle!

Julian (Australia)

One word: ASTONISHING! What a pedal – good work Lee, and thanks!

Jon (UK)

Lee Jackson’s Mr. Springy is exactly what I was looking for in spring reverb!

Reid (TN)

Wow this sound fantasticm, A+++++

Daniel (Spain)

Product is awesome, just as described on the website. Super Fast shipping.

Andrew (TN)

Killer Pedal !!!! Lee is the BEST !!!!!

Robert (MI)

Beautiful Pedal …

Kevin (CA)

Big thanks – great pedal

Bastian (Sweden)

I got the pedal.That’s superfast considering most of the purchases I get shipped from the US take about two weeks to arrive.You’re right, the pedal really sounds fantastic.It sounds very organic and analog,just like a fender reverbtank.I used to have the Holy Grailpedal that was to digital sounding for me.This Mr Springgy pedal sounds like the real deal! , It is the best reverb in a pedal I’ve heard. Thank you very much.

Jan (Netherlands)

Fantastic pedal, sounds great!!!

GAVIN (Australia)

Hi, Just a quick note to say what a fantastic pedal it is, i recieved it last week. thanks very much for a quick delivery to U.K.
very well packaged too.

Steve (U.K.)

Great product, fast shipping, I am a happy dude! Thanks.

Rick (IA)

Great pedal! fast shipping, THANKS LEE!

Robert (HI)

Excellent pedal. Sent well packed and very responsive to questions. Thanks Guys

Glenn (UK)

incredible reverb pedal! well worth the wait! fast response to all questions! A+

Matthew (UK)

Just received it in todays (Saturday) mail. Sounds sweeeet.

Ray (NJ)

Transaction idéale – à recommander sans réserve – Thank’s for All superb reverb

Philippe (France)

This pedal is simply awesome!!!! Best ever!!! Thanks a lot AAA++

Santo (Italy)

Excellent service!! Fast shipment, good price on a great product. Highest marks!

Paul (CA)

Just what I’ve been looking for and a bonus gift to boot. Awesome..

Jack (TX)


Lamont (CA)


Mark (TX)

Perfect Reverb, just right.
If you’ve got a Fender tweed, this is for you!

Jeff (MI)

Great pedal. A must have for fans of real reverb.

John (VA)

Item as described, well packaged, Fast shipping, SOUNDS LIKE HAVEN!!!

Don (PA)

Incredible pedal!!!, Fast Shipping, Perfect transaction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby (MD)

Superb product,good communication,quick diapatch,AAA+ many thanks…

Peter (UK)

I received yesterday your pedal that I bought on ebay. I had asked you how it would sound with an organ and It’s great!!! I’ll upload a video on youtube as soon as I can recommending it.
Thanks for all and greetings from Spain,

Hi there Lee, the Pedal arrived and I am very very happy with it. The best pedal I have ever owned. Period. 5 Stars ************************
Neville (UK)
What a killer pedal! This is the best! Fast ship, no hassles, recommended AA!!!!

Brian (CA)

Lee, I picked up my Mr. Springgy pedal and I am incredibly impressed! I own an original brown 1963 Fender reverb unit and basically the biggest differences I can tell between the two is that the Springgy is easier to carry around, doesn’t color my tone, is dead quiet and if I bump it Mr. Springgy doesn’t sound like a nuclear bomb going off! I love it!
PS: I have a 1963 Fender reverb unit for sale.
Paul (Canada)

Hello Lee: I got my Mr. Springgy reverb yesterday and have put in several hours already testing it with a few different guitars and a small tube amp (ValveTrain 205 w/ 8″ Weber Alnico speaker). I have other amps I want to try it with, including a Savage Macht 6. Until recently I have used Fender amps with reverb exclusively for the past 45 years. I know what they sound like. Your Mr. S. is extremely accurate, except better is some ways. Most amps you can turn the reverb knob to about 3 before they become nearly unusable and mushy–too much of a ‘good thing’. Your reverb is usable throughout its whole range without loss of note definition and without mush. It is very clear and warm throughout. It is also extremely quiet. That, to me, is a must; and it is all too rare. The VS 1 Spot power supply works great, as does the Voodoo Lab power.
Thanks, J. Johnson

Hi Lee

Truely an amazing product!

Gary (IL)

Mr Sppringgy is fabulous, very transparent,

Eric (France)

Just as described, sounds great L.J. is da’ man

Thomas (Ny)

truly awesome reverb pedal, just like a blackface reverb amp. shipped promptly

Fred Ginn (CA)

Very Very Very GOOD!with my Fender Prosonic Head..Just Fantastic A++++Thanks

Jonathan (UK)

What a great unit – Highly Recommended. Very well packaged as well.Thanks

Peter (Australia)

I gotta say, this pedal is great! Goodbye RI Reverb!

Lee (GA)

Sounds Killer!!!!!!!

Danny (GA)

Mr. Springgy arrived today. Holy cow! It sounds incredible. I was not aware of your products until I stumbled upon your eBay auction for this pedal last weekend. I had just bought a Dr. Z Maz 18 with no reverb, and, being primarily a Fender guy for 40 years, I was missing the verb. This thing is awesome.

Doug (AL)

Absolutely awesome reverb pedal. Shipping was fast.

Larry (IL)

OUTSTANDING!! Best Pedal I’ve ever invested in! SUPER fast Shipping! Thanks Lee!

John (IL)

Dear Lee:

The Mr. Springgy I have to say it is great both when playing clean and distorted with both humbuckers and single coils.

I grew up with a Fender Deluxe Reverb in the 70s and believe this is the best reverb on the market.
Compact, lush, and easy to use and transport!


Steve (WI)

Thanks for the great sounding verb!

Brian (NH)

This reverb pedal is awesome….better than I imagined…

sean (WA)


Mario (Italy)

Great Product!

Tom (MO)

Great Product, Great Service, Very Helpfull.

John (UK)

Best sounding reverb I ever heard. Lee Jackson pedal are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan (WA)

I received the pedal today and
was totally blown-away. This is the sound I’ve been trying to
achieve and you’ve handed it to me on a plate.
Great Job.

Dominic (UK)

Congratulations.Your reverb is the best thing I´ve purchased, the best effect I have and the best money I´ve spend for a long time.
What more can I say? It Is just perfect.


Mr Springgy the best!!!!

Pablo (Sweden)

love my mr. springgy! great product, fast to ship, very cool.

Thomas (MI)

Excellent pedal! Tthanks

Wilma (UK)

Great pedal!!! Mr Springgy blows away the Holy Grail.

Paul (CO)

Great pedal, good communication. Recomend to anyone….even my mother.

David (UK)

Mr Springgy is Fantastic. I´m very pleased. AAA+++ in every aspect!!

Björn (Sweden)

Hello Lee,
I’ve received my Mr Springgy yesterday and first: thanks for this fast delivery. Second: this is certainly the best reverb in this size I’ve had (I’m 50!!playing since 13…) This thing sound perfect on each amp I use with. How did you do????? Thanks again

Chris (France)

Exactly as described. Real nice sounding Reverb Pedal! A+++++

Ronald (MI)

First I just wanna tell you, Mr. Springgy has been a great joy for me – straight outta the box. Fast Shipping, Awesome product!! Thanks, Lee! Springgggy Luv…….

Chuck (OH)

Great pedal! Fast shipping, would buy again. Thanks!

David (NY)

The best! Simply outstanding reverb pedal. Guitar tone shines through unaltered.

Samantha (CA)

I got it last Thursday and have used it nonstop 😉 It really is a great pedal. Best reverb ever. My ’59 Tremolux have never sounded better.
Thank you for an excellent product!
Sven (Sweden)

Great Pedal, Never washes out the guitar note definition. Fast ship. First Rate.


Great item.. Sounds Amazing

Jeffrey (ID)

The pedal has arrived. Mr Springgy is awesome. I am currently playing it through a 59′ Harvard and it makes wonder with my tone!
Thank you for your superb work.
yours sincerely
Herbert (Sweden)

Hi Lee,

First off – bought your Mr. Springgy reverb and absolutely love it….I’ll be posting my thoughts on Harmony Central – A Perfect 10!!


Thought you’d enjoy this…….I was on a shoot.

Rick Gould (LA) VIDEO

Great unit; great price; great guy..

James (IL)

Excellent reverb. Shipped quickly, and well packed. Thanks, Lee!

Brian (MA)

Fantastic Mr Springgy, so Warm and Easy Reverb, ThanX also for the Power Supply

Thierry (France)

Hello Lee,
I just want to thank you for the Mr. Springgy, you are right this pedal sounds wonderful. I recently performed before an audience of about 5000 and the reverb pedal sounded if though it was built into the amp. The effect control was set at 3:00 and that was plenty. No, there wasn’t any need to dime his baby. The more I played the more apparent it became, it was somewhat of a 3D effect coming from the Mr. Springgy that was driving me to that next level. Man! I’m really enjoying this. Thanks again Lee, Peace Bro.

Last week I purchased a Mr. Springy and am Very Impressed with it. I had previously used a couple of different Holy Grail pedals and wasn’t particularly satisfied. Mr. Springy is Perfect. Thanks for building such a Wonderful Product.
Thanks Very Much!

I have received Mr Springgy two days ago, very, very good work !
Very warm, realistic, and dead quiet…

I recently purchased a Mr. Springgy. As soon as I got the pedal, I hooked it up between a ’60s Series Fender-ita Strat and a modded Pignose G40v. OMG, I love this pedal. Your pedal is a breath of fresh air. It delivers EXACTLY what you say it will – BEAUTIFUL spring reverb sounds. EXACTLY what I wanted! Thank you, very, very much.

DAVID (Australia)

Awesome Reverb!

John (MA)

Lee is the man ! Fast fast fast shipping ! Monstruous real analog reverb !

Christian (Canada)

Bonne transaction – envoi très rapide – excellent produit – parfait ++++++

Claude (France)

Cool pedal…quick delivery. Thanks.

Patrick (TN)

I had received my Mr Springgy today.
Very quick ship, thanks a lot.
I ‘tried it and is an amazing sound…
Very thanks for this business with you….
Best regards
Antoine (France)

Mr. Springgy is all and more than the discription claims it is.


Awesome pedal fast shipping Great seller and builder A+++

Matt (SD)

Excellente transaction, reverbe superbe, envoi rapide! Merci.

SEURA (France)

I really love my Mr. Springgy – quickly shipped at that!

Kevin (OH)

Quick, fast, easy transaction AND the reverb unit is fantastic! Thanks!

Walter (GA)

Dear Lee Jackson,

Last week I orderd my new Mr Springgy which has arrived Wednesday.
I want to thank you for the extremly fast shipping!! I had a gig wednesday and i
could use it right away!
I want to thank you the most for the sound that the reverb makes!!!
I tried an Electro Harmonix reverb pedal and I really didn’t like the tone sucking plus the digital sound it makes.
This one knob pedal just makes the sound i want, does not tone suck at al and makes my Marshall JMP50 combo sound
a lot bigger and fuller!
I’m still amazed how this reverb can be analog in this small package!
Thank you!!!
Kind regards, Bryan Bos (Netherlands)

I’d like to tell You how pleased I’ve been with the reverb pedal I purchased in May. Now I can easily do those ugly retro-soulpop backbeats as well as far more luscious ambient sounds than I’ve been doing before. And I’m very happy with tweaking only one knob!

Petter (FINLAND)

The best reverb pedal ever!!

William (TX)

Hi Lee

I just got the pedal tonight! It’s Fantastic…I never want to turn the sucker off:) I wish it came in a custom tweed cover, ala fender or what not. Oh well, I am thrilled about it just the same.

Arman /Canada

The Best Reverb in a pedal Hands down! I’ve tried them all. Excellent AAA+++

Jim (WV)


John-Thomas (Norway)

Hey Lee,

Got it in time-thanks!
Used it at the gig and it sounds spingalicious.
It’s a great problem solver because i have a bunch of old low power tube
Amps that lack reverb.
I love the one knob, the small footprint, the gold finish, the one battery. Dead simple works for me.

Frank (CA)

Hello Lee!

I received my Mr. Springgy yesterday. Thanks for quick delivery. Springgy in easily the best reverb pedal I have ever owned. The most amazing thing is that I can place it between my amp and od/booster-pedal and it won´t get mushed even if I boost it heavily. I´m very pleased. Thank you very much!

Jouni (Finland)

Great Pedal,Super fast shipping,unlimited superlatives,Thanks Lee A++++++

Richard (FL)


I just bought the Mr Springgy and I love the sound!! It’s freakin’ brilliant!
I’ll say it again, the best reverb pedal ever made!!!!!!



Hello Mr. Jackson,
I received the Mr. Springgy today. What an awesome sound! I’m using it with a Strat and 50 watt Marshall, and it is EXACTLY the ambient effect I’ve been looking for. Thank you for the lightning fast shipping too.

Jody (PA)

The best reverb in a box ever created. Fast shipping

Kurt (FL)

Many Thanks for the great sounding verb!

Brian (NH)

Excellent pedal and service A+++

Tony (UK)

Best reverb pedal I’ve experienced Ever. My ’64 Bassman and I thank you.

Kelly (TX)

Fantastic pedal. Quick shipping.

Steven (VA)

Mr Springgy arrived today – safe & sound – Wow! What a great reverb pedal … I compared it against the spring reverb of my EHX Holy Grail Plus and the Mr Springgy has so much more clarity – brilliant! Fantastic Reverb Pedal,
Thanks again for all your help

art official (UK)

Hi Lee
MR Springgy showed up today. It is a realistic sounding and beautifully made product, and Beautiful sounding pedal.
Thanks for the great pedal.

Shanyue (Australia)

Absolutely fantastic pedal, fast delivery too! Highly recommended!

Steven (UK)

Absolutley Amazing Pedal A+ shipping…. will see ya again soon I am sure.

Ryan (TX)

Extremely pleased – absolutely the BEST reverb pedal you can buy!!!!

keith (UK)

Great Reverb, thank you very much!!!

Karl-Heinz (Germany)

This Mr. Springgy is the best I have found to date. I have been trying to find a unit to use for my harmonica set up and this is it. I can stop looking. I’ts that good.It’s hooked thru a 64 4/10 concert fender and wow what a sound.than-x so much..

William (CA)

Unbelievable product. Highly recommended seller

Phil (OH)

Just as described, only better!

James (VA)

The pedal sounds amazing, I’m so glad I took a chance on it. Thanks Lee.

John (UK)

hi, this pedal is so transparent and natural when its on and off. best investment i made in a very long time. the great reviews on this item is dead on correct, down to the super fast shipping. thank you and mahalo!

Richard (HI)

Just ordered my 2nd Mr. Springgy! I got the first one today and it’s awesome!!! Wanna buy some used Holy Grail Reverb pedals?
Hugh (Canada)

Great pedal!

Olav (Norway)

Fantastic Pedal, Fast Shipping. Thanks!

Dave (CA)

Great reverb, perfect international transaction. Thanks.

Bernard (France)

Top product – thanks a lot – highly recomended!

Thomas (Austria)

Pro Player, Use Lee Jackson’s Products, Tried It All, Best Reverb Pedal, Buy It!

Mick (WA)

A+++ Killer Pedal. EZ Deal. Suhweet.

Michael (CA)

QUICK delivery. Great packaging. Product as described. Great Reverb!!!

Young (CA)

Best reverb I’ve ever heard! Excellent! Thank you!

Dave (MO)

Great pedal, well packaged.

Pete (UK)

Hey Lee,
Just wanted to send you an email and tell you what you already know. The Mr. Springgy reverb pedal is awesome! I really miss having reverb for those lush tones. I’m running a Peavey JSX head and have tried the BOSS RV3 reverb and it colored my tone and did not produce a believable reverb, very digital and sterile. I tried the Holy Grail, it was digital sounding and noisy! I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that, and was not happy with any of them until now. The Mr Springgy is what I was looking for. Simple set up, one knob, transparant sound, no noise, analog decay. I could not be happier with it. Thanks for an awesome product that delivers.

I have received the pedal and it just simply awsome!
Jeff (TX)

Dear Lee Jackson,
I want to thank you for the extremly fast shipping!! I had a gig wednesday and i could use it right away! I want to thank you the most for the sound that the reverb makes!!!
I tried an Electro Harmonix reverb pedal and i really didn’t like the tone sucking plus the digital sound it makes.
This one knob pedal just makes the sound i want, does not tone suck at al and makes my Marshall JMP50 combo sound a lot bigger and fuller! I’m still amazed how this reverb can be analog in this small package! Thank you!!! Kind regards,
Bryan (Netherlands)

On a long journey for a decent spring reverb in a pedal, I happened upon a second hand Mr. Springgy. Let me first say, I’ve listened to that demo about 50 times. I LOVE IT. It really does sound as good as in the demo, and it really does keep the dry signal intact perfectly and it really does bring a clean clearity to the mix. It also really does mix perfectly with the dry signal, for a lush and musical experience. Almost 3D. It’s warm and full, yet perfectly bright enough to bring that springy sound. I also recently put it up against a newly acquired Spring Chicken Limited Edition, the Springgy retained better clarity, better lower end, and no loss in volume. Not to mention it provided a slightly lusher and smoother reverb,
Great job on the Springgy. It’s been out for quite a while and it still outshines.

M C (MI)

AWESOME!! The BEST reverb pedal I’ve ever heard! Fast Ship too! Thanks!

Vickey (MS)

AMAZINGLY GOOD pedal. Thanks!

Brad (TX)

Great product, fast shipping, excellent price…A+++++

Mark (AZ)

Absolutely the best sounding Fender spring reverb pedal on the planet. Amazing!

Dennis (OR)

What Great Reverb…Just Like the Real Deal….Super Fast Shipping..A++++

David (MO)

Great Reverb Pedal. Shipped out the next day! AAA+++
Thank you, Tiv (CA)

Fantastic pedal, super quick shipping, Thanks!

Rod (OH)

Just recieved your Mr springy. This is the sound I’ ve been looking for. Simply the best pedal I have ever owned. The reverb is a perfect match for my Swart 6v6. Thanks!!!!


It’s a great sounding reverb pedal. I have a Fender Deluxe Reverb and Mr. Springgy sounds very close to it. I had been using an Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail which I actuall hated. Yours is the ticket. Thanks for a great product.

Bruce (CA)

Hello Lee-
I have used Mr Springgy on my amazing Fender ’57 LTD Edition and it sounds out of this world! I have compared it with the Fender 65 Deluxe reissue and I cannot find any real difference at all.
I am so glad that I decided to buy your pedal as it is all that you say it is.
Thanks for getting me closer to tone heaven!

Gerry (London)

Just a quick note to let you know my custom colour Mr Springgy arrived today.
To be honest I was nervous about spending a lot of money on a pedal with one knob but it is fantastic!
It looks great and sounds out of this world. Without a doubt a really great pedal and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I play a tele thinline through a Zinky Velveteen and it sounds awsome with a Mr Springgy in the set up!
Kind regards

Steve (UK)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for my Mr. Springgy Pedal. It sounds great, and it really is perfect for what I need it for. Your products deliver what you promise, and my tone thanks you.

Ian Collier (CA)

Wo! No way! Mind Blowing..Too Cool

Drac (CA)

Absolutely incredible Lee! Nailed that Mark Knopfler tone I had been lusting for.

Robert (TN)


Guido (Switzerland)

Very good reverb, Fast shipping!

Kriengkrai (Thailand)

Very fast shipping, item exactly as described, sounds great!

Bill (WA)

Awesome pedal-fast postage- all good!! Cheers!

Lee Jackson Metaltronix Amplifiers Marshall Fender Modifications and Effects

Lee Jackson Metaltronix Amplifiers Marshall Fender Modifications and Effects