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Lee Jackson’s early Hot Rodded Marshall’s and Custom Metaltronix Hand Built Amplifiers are legendary in the Music Industry. We have been creating Custom Guitar Tube Amps for many of the top players in the world. Which include Steve Vai , George Lynch, Paul Gilbert , Zakk Wylde , Akira Takasaki and Allan Holdsworth, David Grissom, Curt Kirkwood, Phil Brown and Eric Johnson to name a few.

Lee Jackson Designs

Lee has worked and designed for such companies as Fender, Ampeg, Crate, Pignose. And has created his own companies Metaltronix, Perfect Connection and Lee Jackson Designs.

LeeJackson Artists

Latest News:

Metaltronix M-2000 v2 Head

The New Metaltronix M-2000 v2 will be available soon. We are doing them in small runs, so when they are announce I wouldn’t wait to purchase. This run will be pre-built, so when announced they will be ready to ship….No waiting. Also this run of heads will be available in custom colors.


We get asked every week if Lee still does personal amplifier Modifications and the answer is yes. Lee will custom modify your Marshall or Fender amplifier, as he has done for guitar players around the world.
Contact us asking about your amp, and he will get back to you on the possibilities , costs and Lee’s schedule.


This is the best distortion Lee has designed to date,
It is several different distortion circuits in one pedal.
You can have a variety of sounds from a tube style distortion,
To full on Metal and everything in between. More Info Here

“THE PRE” Studio Mic Pre Amp

And our New 500 series Studio Preamp is done and sounds amazing, It is called “THE PRE” it is a tremendous amount of joy packed in a small package. In its first week of release it is loved by many. More Info Here

“The Pre is just awesome, that is all I can say” Kelly Donelly – Eric Johnson engineer

BIG 1 Pedal

Our pedal the BIG1 is getting a lot of attention:

“The BIG 1 pedal has quickly become a staple of my live set up. This is one of the most insanely useful pedals I’ve ever encountered – it essentially adds warmth and top end to the sound, all in a unified way, revealing what is coming from the guitar without ever feeling overly hyped. I am so fond of this pedal because it highlights and brings forth so much of what I love about the electric guitar, namely overtones and a wide dynamic range. Regardless of what amp I use the BIG with, it seems to function almost like the mastering stage of an album – it is subtle and instantly musical, and when its not there, you sure miss it!” – Julian Lage


I had a blast on Tonetalk, I am glad they invited me on. It was great talking about the 80’s and the bands I was involved with. See the complete show HERE

Merchandise Store

We now have a Merchandise Store, we now can make you our shirts in every size. Plus now we are able to offer our popular Metaltronix and Lee Jackson Coffee Mugs again.


New! TeeShirts and More

We have just setup a new merchandise page with some great stuff. New Clothes Mugs and More!


Master Series Modification and Service Videos

So I have decided to give all our Service and Modification video’s out for FREE!

You can find them on our Youtube channel, you can follow any of the links below.

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Interviews and Reviews

Here are Interviews and Reviews of Lee Jackson Metaltronix Products in Major Guitar Magazines, Radio and Television Shows.


Common Questions and Answers

If you have a question about any of the Lee Jackson / Metaltronix products, you may find them here. These questions are pulled from personal emails, from clients around the world.


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We are proud to announce our New artist club.

Platinum Playerz Club™

A Place where Artists get information on New Products,
And what New Products we are working on.
Get great Discounts on our Products, and Tons of Free Stuff.
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Friday Night FeedBack™
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Metaltronix M-2000 head
New Metaltronix™ M-2000
Check out our latest videos
Cool Tee Shirts and More
New! Platinum Distortion
Lee Jackson ActiveGain-module
Active Gain Module
New! 500 Series Mic Pre

A Place where Artists get information on New Products, And what New Products we are working on.
Great Discounts on our Products, and Tons of Free Stuff. This is only available to those in the Platinum Playerz Club™.