Mr Fuzzzy module

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The first thing I thought when I played Mr Fuzzzy™ was, man it is fun to play guitar.
For years I have been working on a design to allow you to have your favorite Fuzz Sound.
Mr Fuzzzy™ was designed with the idea of being a combination of Vintage and Modern Fuzz.
It can Clean up to a Sparkling Clean Sound by turning the volume of your guitar down.
FuzzyFinger™ will enhance your great Rhythm sound without dropping out all your Low End.

Get ready for Chocolately Luscious Solo’s, and Endless Possibilities. Oh Yeah and for the Good part.
Mr Fuzzzy™ is completely discrete Germanium and Silicon Transistors.

Smooth and Rich Sounding Germanium Fuzz.
Accommodates Different Styles and Guitars and Basses.
Can be wired True Bypass.

The Effects Modules also work great with Active Guitars,
You can wire them directly to the battery that is powering your Active Pickups.
Don’t let the size fool you, these have the same great sound as our full size FuzzyFinger™ pedal.

Power: (1) 9 volt battery
If your guitar is not already active.

Not Included:
Ik Audio or Linear Taper Control pot with DPDT switch.

(1K with long shaft):
f you need a pot with a dpdt there are not any 1k controls with push/pull with a long shaft available.
The only option you have you have using a push/pull for guitar is to put a trimmer on the 1k leads.
Then use a 250k with push/pull and wire it true bypass and put the 250k control on the input to the Mr Fuzzzy.
This works extremely well, we did it on our original Crackpotz Mr Fuzzzy.

Lee Jackson Metaltronix Amplifiers Marshall Fender Modifications and Effects

Lee Jackson Metaltronix Amplifiers Marshall Fender Modifications and Effects