The first Perfect Connection product was the Active Splitter.
Metaltronix was going strong modifying amps and we needed a production model of our equipment.
The First GP-1000 preamp was modeled after our Fender Mod’s, Because of overwhelming requests we created a second version.
The second version of the GP-1000 was modeled after our famous marshall mod. Then we created the SP-1000. it was the first solidstate power amp that boasted having 10 – 20% distortion, back then most power amps had .002% so our power amp Rocked!


GP-1000 All Tube Guitar Preamp The GP-1000 has been designed to produce todays`s guitarist with the fullest spectrum of tones ranging from sparkling Clean to Heavy Distortion.

6 Stage Preamp (3 x 12AX7`S).
Indepedant Stereo Outputs.
Six Position Mid-shift control.
Pull Boost for Treble and Bass.
Single Rack Space.
Footswitchable Distortion.
Quiet Torroid Power Transformer

perfect connection GP-1000

BP-1000 BASS Preamp By incorporating features found in the GP-1000 with frequencies relevant to Bass , Lee Jackson has brought “THE SOUND” to Bass players world wide. Additional features include:

Indepedant Tube Direct Box. Allows you to select either Pre or Post tone controls. Includes Ground lift switch.
Active Electronic Crossover. Bi amp Outputs (Hi/Low) Lets you to Bi-amp for the best separation between Low and High frequencies.
Stage Preamp ( 3 x 12ax7`s)
Pull Boost for Bass and Treble.
Footswitchable Distortion.

perfect connection BP-1000
perfect connection SP-1000

SP-1000 200 Watt Stereo Power Amp As the perfect complement to the GP-1000 and the BP-1000 Preamps The SP-1000 Stereo amp packs 100 blistering watts per channel of raw power into a single rack space. Using innovative new solid state design , the SP-1000 delivers tone that will make any tube amp cry for mercy.

Single Rack Space
100 Watts RMS a side
Front Panel Masters
Daul Sine Wave LED`S
Tube Emulating Circuitry
Operates on 4-8-16 ohms load
Standard 1/4″ Jacks Input/Output

Lee Jackson Metaltronix Amplifiers Marshall Fender Modifications and Effects

Lee Jackson Metaltronix Amplifiers Marshall Fender Modifications and Effects