We just finished changing the graphics and updating our new line of 500 Series rack effects. Built with the highest quality discrete components,
Right here in Austin Texas.
Each one is Hand built to order, and fully tested for quality assurance.
Contact us directly for quantity discounts are large installs.
These are being used by some of the top studio’s around the world, Creating current radio hits.
Fits in any: API Console, API Lunchbox 500 format Rack Box Or Equivalent.


Directly Inject your favorite Floor or Rack effect into your Mix, or Re- amp your favorite guitar or bass track.
The Direct Injector™ is a Studio Quality Effects loop, with Individual Send and Return controls, for tweaking the perfect level for any floor or rack effect.
The Direct Injector™ can be used for re amping your instrument tracks. Adding or Subtracting Gain/Level from your tracks.
Make the Nastiest Floor Effect , sound like a Studio Effect in your mix. Send Level: Sets the level of the Send.
Send Output/ Re-Amp: Output can be used to drive the input of your effect, or can be used for re-amping your favorite amplifier, go directly from the Send output to any amplifier Input.
You can even put effects between the Send output and the Input of your amplifier.
Return Output/DI Input: Plug the output of your Floor or Rack effect, and can be used as a Instrument DI Input, plug your instrument in and use the Return Level control to set your level.
Return Level: Sets the level of the Send.
Send and Return jacks are normalize, inserting cable breaks connection. This is great if you need to add clean gain to the signal chain.
Start with both Send and Return Controls at 12:00 position and add level to taste.
If you want to add grit to your sound, drive the Send Level higher and the Return level lower.


The “CreamyCompressor™” does not change the tone of your instrument, most Compressor change the sound of the instrument for the sake of the Compressor. The CreamyCompressor 500S™ allows the full frequency of your instrument to pass through, this is why it sounds more like an old Vintage Studio Compression. It is the Warmest, Smoothest Compression you have ever heard.
The Peak Reduction and Expansion controls the amount of Compression and Expansion, which causes the circuit to be more sensitive to your Playing or Mixing style. Between how high you have this control and the level of your signal You can dial in the amount of compression you want, and when you want it to come on, as you turn it toward expansion, it will increase the gain and hold the notes longer, for Sustained Chordes or Solo notes.
The CreamyCompressor™ sounds like a Vintage Studio Tube Compressor, with all the Warmth and Tone!
More definition and clarity of individual notes.
And that is just on Instruments,
Wait till you hear it on Vocals!

The CreamyCompressor™ can also be used to adjust the sustain of a sound, offering control over room sound and space. An instrument or a reverb tail can sound tighter by reducing its sustain, or can gain more depth make a signal sound longer by increasing it.

Vintage Studio Compression Sound.
Studio Quality Burr Brown Opamps.
True Bypass – can be used on Master and Main Buss.
High Quality +4 Balanced Inputs and Outputs.


Remember the days when you got a pedal, that when you plugged it in it made you want to play for hours…
Meet FuzzyFinger™
The first thing I thought when I plugged into Fuzzy Finger™ was, man it is fun to play guitar.
And now Meet FuzzyFinger 500 Series.
Create a new dimension to your sound and your mixes.
Fatten that Lead vocal, or trash up that kick drum, the possibilities are endless.
It can Clean up to a Sparkling Clean Sound by turning the input volume (touch) down.
FuzzyFinger™ 500S will enhance your great Rhythm sound without dropping out all your Low End.
Add the right edge to your Bass Mix, or Live.
Get ready for Chocolately Luscious Solo’s,
And Endless Possibilities.
Oh Yeah and for the Good part.
FuzzyFinger 500 Series is completely discrete Germanium Transistors, And, what are those little switches next to the Knobs? They set the Tone on the input or Pre Fuzz, or Post after Fuzz. And the Touch control, sets the input sensitivity .


The Ultimate Spring Reverb, All the Goodness of Spring Reverb, without the Crash, Hum or Breakage of the convention Pan. This will make your favorite Amp or Mix Sound even Better!
Finally you can truly get the sound of your old Fender reverb in a 500 Series Module, I’m not kidding…
For years I have been working on a design to allow you to have your favorite “Industry Standard” Spring Reverb Sound in a small LunchBox 500 Series form. Mr Springgy™ MRSP-500S was designed with the idea of being as transparent as possible,
To not change the original sound as it comes out of the instrument. I worked for years on such a design, and have developed a circuit that doesn’t degrade the original sound, it Enhances it with more Clarity and Definition.
This allows you to truly have that Deluxe Sound and make your favorite Mix sound SUPER.
The Mr Springgy™ MRSP-500S is even better then its famous Brother, with Hi Quality Balanced in and outs, Studio Quality Burr-Brown Opamps and Dual +/- Supplies, which give you the added Headroom needed in your Studio or Live applications.

So Get your very own Handmade Custom Reverb.


We were put up to the Challenge to pack this much Happiness into a small 500 series module.
The Tube Eq is one of the Warmest, Musical Eq’s on the market. Because it is Tube.

Hi Quality Balanced in and outs, Studio Quality Burr-Brown Op-amps and Dual +/- Supplies, which give you the added Headroom needed in your Studio or Live applications.

These are used by many of the Top Recording and Voice Over Studios in world.
Make your Vocals jump out of the mix, along with great Guitar and Bass tracks.

Extremely Warm Sounding EQ.
High Quality +4 Balanced Inputs and Outputs.
Studio Quality Burr Brown Opamps.
Vintage NOS Tubes.
TrueBypass – So it can be used on Channels and Busses.
Dual +/- 15 volt Supply for Extended Headroom.



Lee Jackson Metaltronix Amplifiers Marshall Fender Modifications and Effects

Lee Jackson Metaltronix Amplifiers Marshall Fender Modifications and Effects